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Un Jour Sang

A short film by Steven Pravong

13 min - Color - 2011


She is not available. And in her haughty perfection, distant and sublime, she is everything. One and only possibility for him : destroy her. Break her. Desecrate her. Desolate her beauty. Tear her appart. Shapeless and painful fragments destined to the trash. The story is not new. Let's tell it differently.

> SHORTS 2012 SCFI World in Madrid

> Festival G.E.N.R.E. III in Paris and FANTASIA 2012 in Montréal

>Film Frightfest in Londres

> Creation sonore 1st prize - Buried Alive >Festival in Atlanta

>Theater screening via the RADI Bretagne 2015

VISA n° 130.711

The crew

With : Marie MURAT, Cédric COURTOUX, Hugues BOUSSARD
Directed by : Steven PRAVONG

Director assistant : Valérie TELLIER
Image : Ludovic AUGER, assisté de Julien LE MAY
Sound : Nicolas ESCOUBEYROU
Script : Laura BERIOTTO
Make up / Special effects : Manuèle ARAUJO

Location manager : Arnaud POUCHIN
Key light : Enguerrand GICQUEL

Light : Rémi MATHIEU
Editor : Cédric TROMEUR

Compositor : Vincent SUBRECHICOT
Sound conception and buzzer sounds : Vincent PESSOGNEAUX

Sound editor : Vincent PESSOGNEAUX et Brewenn HELLEC

Mix : Jean Guy VERAN / Mactari
Music : Damien TRUFFAL

Product by : Blue Hour Films, Arwestud

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