You go round and round in the night and you are eaten up by fire

A short film by Jonathan Millet

With Sigrid Bouaziz and Syd Alexander

20 min - N&B - 2015


Syd wanders. He is angry, but nobody hears him. He is searching for a place to sleep but ultimately for the meaning of his existence.  So he goes round and round in the night and screams.

With the support of the Région Bretagne, the Departments of the Côtes d’Armor and the Finistère, and the Sacem

With the participation of TVR

Ateliers Musique and Cinéma Premiers Plans Angers 2015 – Coached by Tony Gatlif

VISA n° 142.849

The crew

A film by Jonathan Millet

Product by Thomas Guentch

Co-producer : Christophe Vallée

Image : Charles-Hubert Morin

Assistant operator : Perrine Dufau

Sound : Alix Clément

Perchman trainee : Edgar Imbault

Assistant director : Sophie Thouvenin

2nd assistant director : Zoé Bihan

Script : Marilyne Brulé

Chief decorator : Adrien Souchet

Assistant decorator : Noémie Boivin, Steven Le Dévic, Elisabeth Peron

Chief make up : Fanny Fallourd

Chief electrician : Enguerrand Gicquel

Electrician trainee : Ronan Dereuder

Chief machinist : Simon Penhouët

Machinist trainee : Joël Morin

General manager : Stéphane Philippe

Assistant manager : Jean-Charles Foubert

Production manager : Muriel Riou

Production administrator : Blandine Valais

Production assistant : Yann Pichot Justyna Lis

Production trainee : Antoine Menegazzi

Editor : Mona-Lise Lanfant

Assistant editor : Anaïs Leroux

Sound editor mixer : Mikaël Kandelman

Color grading : Steven Le Guellec

Original music : Wissam Hojeij

Casting : 

Him : Syd Alexander

Sigrid : Sigrid Bouaziz

Andrzejak : Mirza Halilovic

The musicians : Paul Legalle, Maël Tanguy, 

Jean-Baptiste Cadiou, Manuel Liegard