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Four seasons

A creative documentary by Pauline Burguin

52 min - Color - 2016


From Brittany, France, twelve musicians take part in an extraordinary training program at the Kreiz Breizh Akademi. They travel to distant lands, where everyone has to discover and tame a foreign musical culture to its own: oriental music. During four seasons, immersed in this adventure, we witness the birth of an unheard work.

With the support of the Région Bretagne and the Sacem
With the participation of TVR, Tébéo et Tébésud

> Festival Babel Med Music - Marseille

The crew

A film by Pauline Burguin

Product by Thomas Guentch

Production manager : Yann Pichot

Image : Pauline Burguin, Charles-Hubert Morin

Sound recording - Sound editing : Lucie Hardoin

Editor : Julien Cadilhac

Mixer : Frédéric Hamelin

Color grading : Fred Fleureau

Music : Kreiz Breizh Akademi #5

With the musicians : 

Janlug er Mouel – chant

Youenn Lange – chant

Pauline Willerval – gadulka

Floriane Le Pottier – violon

Pierre Droual – violon

Thomas Felder – violon

Youenn Rohaut – violon

Alexis Bocher – violoncelle

Goulven Kervizic – violoncelle

David Séverac – vielle à roue

Sylvain Didou – contrebasse

Thomas Lippens – percussions


and the speakers : 

Erik Marchand

Camel Zekri

Iyad Haimour

Philippe Le Corff

Hélène Labarrière

Dominique Pifarély

Fawaz Baker

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