Poumon vert et tapis rouge

A film by Luc Marescot

Color - 2019 - 90 min


To help a botanist in his fight for primary forests, a documentary filmmaker, passionate about nature, decides to make a cinema film to mobilize public opinion. We follow him in his business, full of mischief, naivety, and unexpected moments.

Product by Jean-Pierre Bailly, MC4 and Corto Fajal,

Blue Hour Films

With the support of the region Bretagne

The crew

Production, images and sound : Luc MARESCOT

Chef Monteuse : Laurence BUCHMANN

Chief editor : Annie COPPENS

Chief editor : Alexis BARBIER-BOUVET

Conformation editor : Kevin BILY

Assistant editor : Florian CHOMIENNE

Original music :  Alan SIMON Studio Woodbox Marco CANEPA

Storyboarder : Loic FONTIMPE


Production team MC4

Executive producers : Jean-Pierre BAILLY et Stéphane MILLIERE, Jean Pierre BAILLY

Administrative and financial director : Romain HIRSCHMANN

Legal director : Fabienne RENOUX

Production managers : Clémence GILLET, Virginie VOISIN


Production team  BLUE HOUR FILMS

Producer : Corto FAJAL

Post production monitoring  : Corto FAJAL

Production manager : Marianna DIDIERGEORGES

Production assistant : Corentin COLIN


Post-production team HIVENTY 17

Site manager : Sylvie ANTONIONI

Technical assistants : Antoine MAY, Aurélien MOTARD

Voice recording : Nicolas HUGUES



Calibration, mastering and visual effects : Pierre BOUCHON



Sound editing, Voice-over, spind effects : Corinne GIGON, Vincent PESSOGNEAUX

Mixing : Corinne GIGON

Buzzer : Grégory VINCENT

Sound : Benjamin LECUYER

Auditorium LYLO : Haydée PARCOLLET

With the participation of :

Francis HALLE, Nicolas HULOT, Antoine de MAXIMY, ZEP, Jacques PERRIN, Claude LELOUCH, Juliette BINOCHE, Thierry FREMAUX, Edouard BAER, Jérôme SALLE, Jean LABADIE, Robert REDFORD, Jean-François CAMILLERI, Caryl FEREY, Pierre-William GLENN, Mark EACERSALL, Denis ROUDEN, Mehdi BEN ATTIA, Antoine de CAZOTTES, TOFF, Guillaume MAIDATCHEVSKY, Brian ASHBEE, Robert Mc KEE, Kurt JOHNSTAD, Michael COLLEARY, Ben MOSES, Howard A. RODMAN, Pico BERKOWITCH, Peter BELSITO, Sydney LEVINE, Jerôme KROWICKI, Barthélémy ROBINO, Loïc MAKAGA, Marc DOZIER, Mundiya KEPANGA, RAONI