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Old Love Desert

A short film by Jonathan Millet

23 min - Color - 2012


The desert. Endlessly. A couple. They don't think that they will make it, so they talk about it. They tell each other things they never dared before. Sentences spring up, follow and top each other. And then they are long pauses.

Coproduction Pan Production (Morocco)


- Festival Côté Court de Pantin 2013

- Festival Travelling Rennes 2014

VISA n° 135.390

The crew

Scriptwriter : Jonathan Millet
Director : Jonathan Millet
Producers : Thomas Guentch, Nicolas Schlumberger

Original music : Wissam Hojeij
Director of the photography :  Charles-Hubert Morin
Editor :  Jonathan Millet
1st assistant director :  Amina Saadi

General manager :  Khalid Bachra
Sound :  Mikaël Kandelman
Assistant operator :  Grégory Dupé

Casting : 

Her : Alice Butaud

Him : Micha Lescot

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