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A feature film by Alberto Segre and Blandine Jet

90 min - Color - 2021 (in development)




Abdel, 18, a young lonely runner, is spotted and selected for the French Marathon team for the Paris Olympics. He will have the function of "hare", which consists in maintaining the speed of the champions at the start of the race and then withdrawing to give them a chance to bring a medal to France.

But Abdel’s participation is jeopardized by his difficulty in naturalizing French. Although he had always lived in France, raised by his Algerian grandmother, family history linked to the Oran massacre of July 5, 1962 blocked his file.

At the end of a challenging personal and sporting journey, his running talent will allow him to overcome the distortions of history. But for that, Abdel will have to free himself from the established rules. It may be the fate of true champions ...

With the support of the region Bretagne, CNC (Fonds Images de la diversité), Procirep-Angoa, TEMPO by TVR and Rennes-Métropole. 

Writing residency Moulin d'Andé. 

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