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After the uprising

A documentary by Émilien Bernard

75 min - Color - 2017

VISA n° 148.020


Following the popular revolution in Burkina Faso two students each try to find their place in the midst of this political turmoil.

Law student Madeleine wants to become a judge, whereas Serge - an activist from the outset - is organising the collective struggle. With the first free elections just around the corner they confront their democratic ideal with the reality of the vote.

With the support of the region Bretagne and the CNC - COSIP
With the participation of TVR, Tébéo et Tébésud

> Festival du cinéma de Douardenez

> Rencontre Gindou Cinéma 

> International Festival of Ethnological Film

The crew

Image and realization : Emilien Bernard

Producer : Thomas Guentch

Editor : Grégory Nieuviarts, Hervé Drézen

Production secretaries : Julie Meyer, Elsa Lecomte

Post-production assistant : Déborah Gillet

Sound editor, mixer : Corinne Gigon - Nomades productions

Color grading : Pierre Bouchon - Arwestud films

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