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A short film by Darielle Tillon

36 min - Color - 2016


A festive evening, students. A city, a campfire, a journey through the forest, some dreams, a trip, a disappearance

With the support of the Région Bretagne

With the support of the CNC (FAIA)

VISA n° 143.657

L' équipe

A film by Darielle Tillon

Product by Thomas Guentch

Image editing : Pierre Bouchon, Jonathan Millet, Aurélie Du Boys

Sounf editing and mixing : Corinne Gigon

Color grading : Pascal Nowak

Production assistant : Yann Pichot

Composed and arranged music : Maninkari Olivier et Frédéric Charlot

Sound editing and mixing : Nomades Productions

Digital post-production : AGM Factory

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