L'aveugle et la Cardinale

A short film by Frédérick Laurent

19 min - Color - 2015


Because he is seduced and he knows that their meeting is not only random, and he wants to convince her, Thomas tells Julie stories where he was either the actor or the witness. They all ask the question of the links in between us that connect people to each other. But are we all capable of grasping the meaning of this singular and poetic mystery ? 

Co -production with Fée Clochette

With the support of the département des Côtes d’Armor

With the participation of France 2, TVR, Tébéo et Tébésud

The crew

With : Hafsia HERZI, Thomas COUMANS, Claudia CARDINALE, Lena PAUGAM,

Suzanne FENN, Cyril DUREL, Jean KERGRIST, Jonathan PINEAU-BONETTI, Margot



Scriptwriter and director : Frédérick LAURENT

1st director assistant : Marc BELLAY

2nd director assistant : Benjamin GOALABRE, Vincent ROBELET

Script : Christel GARRY

Production supervisor : Brewenn HELLEC

Image : Maxime HERAUD

Sound : Corinne GIGON

Assistants camera : Garance GARNIER, Rémi BOURGES

Perchman : Arno JOLIF

Key light : Enguerrand GICQUEL

Light : Ronan DEREUDER, Joël MORIN

Set designer : Isabelle MILBEAU, assistée de Virginie DE ALMEIDA

Location manager : Maxime POËNCES

Assistant location manager  : Claire BOURDOULOUS

Runner : Antoine LOUVEL, Yoann CROGUENNEC, Massimo LEDER-BUISSON

Renforts régie Paris : Lucile LASKOWSKI, Victor HARLET-GUILLEMOT, Audrey FABRE

Make up master : Fanny FALOURD, assisted by Elodie STRUILLOU

Make up master Paris : Michelle CONSTANTINIDES

Costume master : Eve LE CORRE, assisted by Amandine DELAUNAY

Costume master Paris : Marie REVELUT

Casting : Frédérick LAURENT, as additional help Manon POUDOULEC

Film-set photographer : Yves-Marie GEFFROY

Making-of : Yves-Marie GEFFROY, Jean-Baptiste COURONNE

Poster : Alexis JACOV

Original music : Olivier MELLANO

Image editing : Francis VESIN, Anaïs LEROUX

Sound editing and mix : Corinne GIGON

Compositor : Serge ANTHONY

Post production supervisor : Pierre BOUCHON

Music mix : Vincent PESSOGNEAUX

Produced by Brewenn HELLEC (Blue Hour Films) and Christophe VALEE (Fée Clochette)

Festivals selections

- Sunsète Festival 2016 (France)

- Festival Paris Court Devant (France) 

- Festival du film court de Saint-Pierre 2016

- Badalona Film Festival (Spain) 2017

- Brussels International Film Festival (Belgium) 2018