Jon face aux vents

A feature documentary by Corto Fajal

77 min - Color - 2011

Tv broadcasting : Arte, TV rennes, RTS (Suisse), SVT (Suède), Pologne, Corée, Japon, Canada

- Jury prize at festival de Montagne d'Autrans

- Grand prize of the festival International des films sur la ruralité (Ville sur Yron)

- 2nd prize wild life festival ( Japon)

- Caméra d'Or Festival de Graz (Autriche)

- Coup de coeur du public au Conviviales de   Nannay.


With Jon, a reinder raiser above the polar circle, it's a surprising nomadisme that we uncover : Traditional and modern way of life co-exist one next to another in a quest for balance.

In the sumptuous scandinavian moutains of the Sarek, in rythme with the seasonal migration, we share with him the best but also the worst, like that day when a part of his herd drowned because the frozen lac ruptured underneath them... Beyond the exotism of a life in the wild, his warm voice describes the search for balance between technological advancement and centuries-old knowledge : a subject of which the sens and humility question us... Corto Fajal, seduced by the alchemy, wonders about the fragility of this way of life, but also his richness : a possible answer to the environnemental disorder ? A way to return to our own horizons ?