Tell me about the stars

A documentary by Jonathan Millet

55 min - Color - 2017


Thoughts and memories race through the mind during this experience of extreme solitude. Over there, in the frozen vastness, bodies go round and round in circles while the winter visitor’s mind runs at top speed. One thing only is clear: no need for other worlds, only mirrors

Coproduction with Docks 66

With the support of the CNC, the Brittany Region e and the PACA Region.

> Festival Docudays (Kiev, Ukraine) - in competition

> Rencontres documentaires de Lussas (France) - 2015

> Tromsø International Film Festival / Below Zero (Tromsø, Norway) - Best Pitch Award

> The Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival (Czech Republic) - 2017

>  Festival Interférences (Lyon, France) - 2018